05 April 2011, Tuesday, 11:35

The remains of the great martyrs Elisabeth and Spiridon Trimifuntsky are delivered for Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The remains of the great martyr Elisabeth and the shoe of the Holy Spiridon Trimifunstky are delivered for Ufa. The relics will stay in the church by Simeon Verkhotursky during one week, the Ufa Eparchy reported to “Bashinform”.

The shoe and the remains of Spiridon Trimifuntsky have already been delivered for Ufa in 2011. The relic was available for all believers during several days in the Christmas-Godmother Church. After that the relics started travelling over many other Russian cities. The remains are found on persistent storage in the town of Kerkira on the island of Corfu, where the church was erected in the honor of the saint. The remains are delivered for Russia for already the third time. The remains of Spiridon Trimifunstky were delivered for Ufa for the second time before transportation to Corfu.

themes: religion