05 April 2011, Tuesday, 9:40

Publishing house “KITAP” popularizes Bashkir book in Moscow

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The last month has become memorable for the Bashkir publishing house “KITAP”: the leading book publishing house RB had time to take part in three Moscow book exhibitions and the first was the XIV national book fair “The Books of Russia”, held in the all-Russian Exhibition Center on March 16-21. The professional forum for publishers, polygraph specialists, writers and librarians is traditionally considered one of the most important events in business and cultural life of the country and participation in it gives the regional editions a chance to show themselves and receive a new impulse for further development.

The evening party, devoted to the memory of Farida Kudasheva – the most famous singer RB, the national artist of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan has become the next important event for “KITAP”. This solemn action was held in the Moscow Nationalities Home with participation of many VIP-guests and well-known masters of Arts.

Besides, “KITAP” has taken part in the Days o Bashkortostan in the State Duma of Russian Federation, where it demonstrated its production together with other brand Bashkir companies. Bashkir books met high demand among politicians and public activists of Russia together with Bashkir honey and cookery, especially such books as “The history of Bashkir villages”, “The Atlas RB”, “Bashkir Cookery”, the national epos “Ural-Batyr” and the book “The Way to Prosperity” (in three languages).