30 March 2011, Wednesday, 10:20

Foreigners may invite their families to Russia

author: Olga Murtazina

The amendments in the law “Migration registration of foreign citizens and people without citizenship in Russian Federation” have come into effect on March 25, 2011.

Now a foreigner may be registered in the course of seven days instead of just three before. Earlier one had to register foreigners only in living quarters. Now they can be registered in all other apartments, institutions and organizations, where they stay.

The notion “receiving party” is also specified for families of highly qualified specialists. Now the specialist himself may come out as the receiving party, if he owns housing on the territory of Russia.

The foreigners, arriving in Bashkiria, were registered by the migration services domiciliary in towns and regions RB.

“But the main mass of foreign guests arrives in Ufa and Ufimsky region, so they had to be registered only in one place – in the main office of the Bashkir Migration Service. Beginning from April 1 all foreigners, arriving in Ufa and Ufimsky region, may be registered in the territorial subdivisions in any district of the capital RB. It is done in order to make the queues shorter and to distribute the load on our offices more evenly” – the employee of the migration press-service Galia Khabiakhmetova reports.