29 March 2011, Tuesday, 10:36

Bashkir cane flute was heard at UNO headquarters

author: Akhat Salikhov, Alfia Agliullina

After several shows on the stages of Turkish cities of Istanbul and Ankara the Bashkir artists continued touring over the United States. Thus, celebration of the spring festival Nauruz has for the first time taken place in New-York at the headquarters of the United Nations Organization. The soloists of the State Folk Dance Ensemble by Faizi Gaskarov and the Bashkir State Philharmonic Society by Khusain Akhmetov took part in the show, initiated by the international Turk culture organization TURKSOY along with the Masters of Arts from many other countries.

The Bashkir artists took part in opening and closure of the show. It is remarkable that Bashkir artist Azat Bikchurin opened the festive show, playing the ancient and very popular Bashkir instrument – the Bashkir cane (saltwort) flute.