29 March 2011, Tuesday, 10:18

Bashkir bee-keepers get ready for a new season

author: Galya Nabieva

The Bashkir scientific-research center on bee-keeping and apitherapy holds the gathering of the bee-keepers in Sharansly region of Bashkiria today. This is a sort of the bee-keeping training courses. The specialists of the center will tell about new technologies in bee-keeping. Bee-keepers will receive practical recommendations on prophylactics and treatment of bee diseases and organization of seasonal works in their bee-gardens.

Similar gathering has already taken place in the middle of March in Ishimbaysky region RB. On the eve of a new season the specialists help the bee-keepers to organize honey collection properly. The practical seminars will be continued in April in Baimaksky, Khaibullinsky and Zilairsky regions RB.

themes: bee-keeping