26 March 2011, Saturday, 13:04

Conference “Russia and Islamic World” will become annual

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The international conference, devoted to interrelations between Russia and Islamic world, will become traditional. The President of Bashkiria Rustem Khamitov has reported about it at the plenary session of the conference, this time dated to the 120th anniversary of the prominent diplomat and our compatriot Karim Khakimov.

“We may say with a high probability that this conference will become annual” – Rustem Khamitov has said – “We will determine its scales and format in the course of preparations but it is definitely that we will hold such conferences and it is quite clear why we are going to do it in Bashkortostan: the population of this territory preaches Islam for already one thousand years”.

The theme of interrelations between Russia and Islamic world is inexhaustible in opinion of the President RB, that’s why it demands annual comprehension and discussion.

“Our aim is to provide people with the information that Islam is a peaceful religion, which urges to cooperation between people” – Rustem Khamitov said – “People should know that Islam means peace and kindness and it is not a conflict religion”.