22 March 2011, Tuesday, 14:34

Personal income tax has become the main source of budget incomes

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Personal income tax has become one of the main sources for renewal of the budget RB in 2010. The share of this tax in the overall sum of tax and non-tax incomes made up 30,3% or 2,4 billion rubles. 29,5% of the overall sum of tax and non-tax intakes or 2,353 billion rubles fall on the incomes, obtained from the use of state property. 14,4% (1,153 billion rubles) were provided by the corporate property tax, the share of excises made up 13,8% (1,102 billion rubles) and property tax – 7,4% (0,591 billion rubles).

For the first two months 2011 12,019 billion rubles have been transferred to the Republican exchequer. The supply made up 9,6 billion rubles.

As for the budget of Bashkiria in 2011, its revenues are determined in the sum of 81,5 billion rubles and the supply – 96,9 billion. Thereby the budget shortage is equal to 15,4 billion rubles.