22 March 2011, Tuesday, 14:17

Historians have paid attention to the past of Ural region

author: Nursultan Karimov

The scientific-practical conference, devoted to the past of Ural region, has taken place in the capital of Bashkir trans-Ural — Sibay. More than one hundred scientific works were included into the collection of articles after the all-Russian conference “Historical, political-legal and social-cultural development of Ural region: history and up-to-dateness”. Historians from Bashkiria, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions took part in the conference, held at the Sibay Institute under the Bashkir State University.

The doctor of historical sciences, Professor Rosa Bukanova has presented new facts in dating of the Ufa fortress and the employees of the Bashkir National Library RB have disclosed new aspects of the Bashkir revolt of 1739-1740.

themes: conferences