18 March 2011, Friday, 15:10

Niyaz Majitov: “Time hided five ancient cities on the territory of Bashkiria”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Five ancient cities have to be located on the territory of Bashkiria and the evidences about such fact can be found in the works of the medieval Arab authors, belonging to the IX-X centuries, the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences RB Niyaz Majitov reported at today’s press-conference in “Bashinform”.

“The works of these authors are well-known in scientific circles abroad” — he said – “These works were published in English and French languages and in 2006 were published in Russian in Moscow”.

According to Niyaz Majitov the whereabouts of just one such city are known for certain. It had been located on the territory of modern Ufa and is known as the settlement Ufa-II. In all probability this is the ancient town “Bashkort”. The settlement on this place is dated by the V century AD. The city maintained close relations with Byzantium and was surrounded by the wall eight meters at height. The city had the quarter planning system and the streets in it were covered with wooden decks.

Some days ago the territory of Ufa-II was declared the historical-cultural museum “Ancient Ufa”.

“It is evident that South Ural still hides many other similar archeological monuments” – Niyaz Majitov said – “I am sure the archeologists will discover them soon”.

themes: archeology