18 March 2011, Friday, 14:55

Scientists from Bashkiria won the grant of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund

author: Elmira Sabirova

The group of Bashkir scientists-philologists has won the grant of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund for the project “Peculiarities of the national lingual consciousness in prism of phraseology” (lingual-cultural studies dictionary)”. The project united the scientists from the Bashkir State Pedagogical University, the Bashkir State Medical University and the Ufa Scientific Center under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“The project of the future four-language lingual-cultural studies dictionary represents the lingual articles with the comparative comments on culturally significant components of Russian, Bashkir, Turkish and English phraseology” – one of the authors of the project Gulnur Minigulova says – “The dictionary contains the phraseological minimum of the most popular and at the same time the most culturally substantial lingual units”.

The choice of the language is anticipated by the peculiarities of the ethnic-lingual situation in the region and the model of the multilingual dictionary is the universal and can be used as an example for any poly-ethnic society.