17 March 2011, Thursday, 17:41

Flowers for Rudolph Nureev

author: Rufina Khannanova

On Thursday, March 17, in the birthday of Rudolph Nureev the admirers of his talent have laid flowers on his memorable tablet. The friends of the famous ballet dancer, representatives of modern dance art and students of the Ufa choreographic college were present at the ceremony.

“We do it because such people make our Republic famous” – the art director of the ballet troupe of the Bashkir State Theater of opera and ballet Leonora Kuvatova said – “Thanks to Rudolph Nureev people in the whole world know that there is such city – Ufa”.

The art director has also added Bashkiria has very powerful ballet school, which continues the traditions of the Russian ballet. “The main thing is that we have the choreographic college by Rudolph Nureev, where we train artists for our troupe” – she stated.

In the 73rd anniversary Rudolph Nureev is remembered not only in Ufa but in other cities and countries too because the admirers of his art live all over the world.