17 March 2011, Thursday, 16:43

Participants of Moscow international chemical summit are invited to Ufa to join the forum “Big Chemistry”

author: news agency "Bashinform"

The VIII international chemical summit started working in Moscow on Thursday, March 17, in Moscow. The deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Uri Pustovgarov has taken the floor with the report. The Vice-Premier was talking about state and prospects of oil-chemical production and consumption in the region. He suggested that an oil-chemical cluster should be founded in the region.

“The shortage of the stuff for ethylene production is the main problem, preventing full-fledged development of the oil-chemical complex in Volga federal district” – the Vice-Premier reported. Its regular deliveries are possible only if to construct a product pipeline from Siberia. In opinion of Uri Pustovgarov it can become an incentive for further wide-scaled modernization and development of oil chemistry not only in Bashkiria but in Volga federal district in a whole.

Uri Pustovgarov has presented the First international forum “Big Chemistry” in Moscow. This forum will be held in Bashkortostan on May 26-28, the press-service of the Government RB reports.

For the reference: the Bashkir hydrocarbon complex is the biggest in Russia and the leader on manufacturing of ten sorts of chemical output: the complex holds the first place on manufacturing of the soda ash (60% of the all-Russian output), butyl and isobutyl alcohol (more than 50%), the second place on manufacturing of synthetic resins and plastic mixture (about 15%), the third place on production of hydrate of sodium (about 20%) and the fourth place on polyethylene and synthetic caoutchouc (more than 13%). In the post-Soviet time the Republic has managed to launch the production of food polymers – polyethyleneterephthalate – in addition to already available productions of polyethylene, propylene and ethylene. For today JSC “POLYEF” is the only enterprise in Russia, producing the terephthalic acid – the main stuff for production of polyethyleneterephthalate.