17 March 2011, Thursday, 15:05

29 thousand hectares allocated for house-building in Bashkiria

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The engineering of the town-planning documentation and territorial planning documentation for 27 municipal districts, 8 towns and 16 administrative centers is close to the end in Bashkiria, the state building and architecture committee RB reports.

Besides, about 400 steadings with the total area 29 thousand hectares were determined in the Republic. These steadings are found either in municipal or in state property and located in the most demanded regions of Bashkiria. These lands are meant for house-building. It is expected 26 million square meters of housing will be erected on these steadings. The state building and architecture committee intends to control the process of involving these lands in economic circulation and will inquire the municipalities about the results of their work in this direction.

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