16 March 2011, Wednesday, 16:15

Trade-union leader of Russia: “The main social aim for business is opening of new workplaces”

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The chairman of the Russian Independent Trade-Union Federation Michael Shmakov compared the 12-hour workday with the serfage.

“Before the abolition of the serfdom in Russia the statute labor was restricted to ten days a year” – he said on Wednesday during the meeting with journalists in Ufa – “The leadership of the country started thinking about preservation of the human potential already that time. And now the employers regard people as an active storage and the 12-hour workday they offer now can become even harder than the statute labor in the far past”.

Michael Shmakov has also mentioned that the main constituent of social responsibility of Russian business is opening of new workplaces.

“Charity as a one-time aid to children’s homes and old people is just a publicity, standing far from what the society wants from business today” – he stated.

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