14 March 2011, Monday, 14:25

Investment climate in Bashkiria is characterized as favorable

author: Svetlana Gafurova

The leading international and national rate agencies characterize the investment climate in Bashkiria as favorable and it means the Republican authority provides attractive conditions for investors, thus contributing to further attraction of investment resources in internal and external financial markets.

The Ministry of economics RB reports according to the rate, made by the national rate agency “Expert RA”, our Republic holds the first position in the nomination “The minimal economic risk for investing” and the ninth in the nomination “The highest level of investment attractiveness”.

The international experts mark the following positive factors: low regional debt, very high indices of liquidity, large budget reserves and well-balanced financial management and that helps to maintain rather high financial showings in spite of certain aggravation of tax collection under the conditions of the financial crisis. Diversification of economics and the rise of population level of life are considered the reserves of the Republican credit rate’s rise.