14 March 2011, Monday, 11:21

Ministry of agriculture RB selects pretenders to state support

author: Galya Nabieva

A competitive selection of the agricultural enterprises, pretending to state backing in the first quarter of 2011, has taken place in the Ministry of agriculture RB. According to totals of the contest the three-sided agreements for state support of human potential in the Bashkir agricultural complex will be signed.

It should be reminded that the young specialists, either working or wishing to start working in sphere of the Republican agriculture, receive the one-time grants and monthly extra charges to their salaries. According to information of the Ministry of agriculture RB the sum of the one-time grant for specialists with higher professional education is 100 thousand rubles, with secondary professional education – 60 thousand rubles and the monthly surcharges make up 7 and 4 thousand rubles correspondingly.

In a whole 326 agricultural specialists have received state backing according to the corresponding decree of the President RB, including 200 specialists with higher and 126 – with secondary professional education.