11 March 2011, Friday, 11:48

Delegation of Mordvinia is found on a visit in Sterlitamac and Fedorovsky region RB

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The delegation of Mordvinia is found on a visit in the town of Sterlitamac and in Fedorovsky region RB on March 11 within the frames of the Days of Republic of Mordvinia in Republic of Bashkortostan.

The conference “Mordvinian culture is the prosperity of multinational Russia” will be held in the Sterlitamac central library with the participation of the Chairman of the Mordvinian Government, Minister of culture Peter Tultaev and culture activists, representatives of national-cultural communities of both republics. The video-presentation of Mordvinia and of the books in Mordvinian language to the library’s fund will take place during the conference. Further the guests will visit the local lore museum of the town and Mordvinian folk band “UMARINA” will make a show in the town Culture Palace.

Another part of the delegation, headed by the Minister for national policy of Mordvinia Alexander Luzgin is found in Fedorovsky region. The guests will visit the school and the museum by the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Antoshkin in the village KUZMINOVKA. The open lesson of Mordvinian language will be conducted in the village FEDOROVKA – the regional center – as well as the conference, devoted to Mordvinian culture. The open festival of Mordvinian culture will take place in the evening.

The Days of Republic of Mordvinia in Bashkiria are devoted to the 1000th anniversary of Mordvinian nation’s joining other nations of Russian state.