11 March 2011, Friday, 10:50

Water supply in 19 regions of Bashkiria to be improved in accordance with the program “Clear Water”

author: Galya Nabieva

The Minister of housing and communal services RB Irek Yalalov raised the problem of supplying the population RB with drinkable water at the last gathering of the Ministry’s Collegium. He has underscored the Republic takes a part of the problems upon itself. Taking the fact that population’s health depends upon the quality of water into account, the Government RB approved the Republican program “Clear Water in 2010-2014” with the overall financing sum three billion rubles.

The Minister reported the objects of water supply would be constructed and reconstructed in 19 municipal regions RB for the overall sum about 500 million rubles in 2011 in accordance with the abovementioned program.

At the same time the Minister expressed anxiety that the majority of the Republican towns and regions decided to stay aside from this problem though the number of these problems in the regions was high enough. In accordance with the decree of the Government RB every municipality has to work up their own programs “Clear Water”, presuming allocation of means from the local budgets, own means of the enterprises and from other sources. At present time only nine regions have already worked up such programs.