11 March 2011, Friday, 10:37

Bashkir ecologists have taken part in international conference “Waste Recycling”

author: Svetlana Gafurova

The VII international conference “Waste Recycling” has taken place in Saint-Petersburg and specialists of the state unitary enterprise “TABIGAT”, having long-term experience in waste recycling, presented Republic of Bashkortostan at the conference. The conference was organized by the journal “Waste Recycling” with the assistance of the Waste Recycling Association (APO) and the interregional industrial corporation “ECORECYCLING”.

Scientists, directors of the companies, experts and specialists of the waste recycling industry, producers and purveyors of equipment for waste sorting and recycling, land reclamation, designers and producers of Russian environmental innovational products, representatives of regional and municipal environmental bodies, public organizations and mass-media took part in it.

The necessity to change the technological and managerial policy inside the enterprises, progressive technologies for automatic waste sorting, land reclamation, recycling of strongly dirty spoilage and package film and many other aspects were discussed in Saint-Petersburg. The section “Russian innovational production and designs in sphere of waste recycling, resource saving and prevention of ecological threats” worked at the conference for the first time.