11 March 2011, Friday, 10:02

National Medical Chamber started working in Bashkiria

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The National Medical Chamber RB started working in Bashkiria. Damira Sabirzyanova –the chairman of the Association of the medical market’s participants RB, the chairman of the committee for health protection and social issues of the Business Undertakings Organizations RB is appointed the President of this new organization. The chamber works in the format of non-commercial partnership. Similar chambers started working in other Russian regions. The famous children’s doctor Leonid Roshal is the President of the National Medical Chamber of Russia.

The uniting of the whole professional medical Russian community on the principles of self-regulation for perfection of the population health protection system is the main goal of the Chamber. Introduction of the system of self-regulation in medical professional activity on the principles of mandatory membership in the medical communities, presentation of the interests of medical workers – the members of the Chamber – to the state and the society, control over professional activity of the medics, nurses and obstetricians, training and retraining of the medical staff, making of the system for legal protection of medics and medical organizations and regulation of ethic aspects in activity of medics are considered the main goals of the Chamber.

The site of the Medical Chamber RB www.nmp-rb.ru was opened some days ago. All citizens of Bashkiria may appeal here with their questions and proposals. The questions may be also asked to the e-mal address nmp-rb@mail.ru.