10 March 2011, Thursday, 14:49

Prices for out-of-town realty and ground areas in Ufa go up

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The average price for out-of-town cottages in Ufa has increased by 0,8% in February. The Ufa realty agencies network “The Expert” reports the average offer price on all houses, cottages and townhouses makes up 26,2 thousand rubles for one square meter now.

The cheapest house costs 450 thousand rubles. It is found in the settlement of Iglino and its area is 45 square meters. The most expensive 300-square meter cottage is offered at 18 million rubles.

As for the ground areas, the average price is 45,5 thousand rubles for 100 square meters. For the last month it has increased by 1,1%.

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