10 March 2011, Thursday, 14:26

Exhibition of Bashkir-Bulgarian painter is opened in Sophia

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The exhibition of works by the Bashkir-Bulgarian painter Cornelia Margan is opened in the Russian cultural-information center in the capital of Bulgaria Sophia. The exhibition is organized with the assistance of the Forum of Russian Compatriots in Bulgaria and dated to the three significant March holidays, celebrated in Bulgaria: the Day of Granny Martha, the International Woman’s Day and the Day of Bulgaria’s liberation fr om the Osman yoke. Two other exhibitions are also dated to the last event – the exhibition of Christian icons and the portrait exhibition of spiritual Russian leaders.

Cornelia Margan is the pseudonym of our compatriot Nellie Merzabekova. She was born in Orenburg, lived in Bashkiria for a long time and later migrated to Bulgaria. Living near the Danube Cornelia remains our compatriot by spirit and creative way of thinking. Russian and Bashkir landscapes are widely present in her works along with the Bulgarian ones.

In parallel with Sophia one more exhibition by Cornelia Margan is opened in the Bashkir town of Meleuz, wh ere more than 20 pictures, demonstrated in Nizhniy Novgorod before, are presented.