10 March 2011, Thursday, 11:55

About 5090 children in Ufa are left without parental care every year

author: Elmira Sabirova

About 500 children are left without parental care and need state protection in Ufa every year. 485 such minors have been uncovered in 2010. At present time the Ufa databank contains the information about 536 children, living at the state institutions, Ufa administration reports.

374 parents have been deprived of the parental rights with respect to 414 kids in 2010.

The head of Ufa administration trusteeship department Milana Skorobogatova reports for the last year more than 450 messages concerning violation of the children’s rights, including 150 messages concerning revealing of the children, left without parental care, and 63 – concerning the kids, found in the situation, either threatening their lives and health or preventing from their education, were received by the local trusteeship bodies.

“42 cases of cruel treatment of children have been uncovered in Ufa in 2010 and at that all these cases have occurred with the own children” – Milana Skorobogatova reported – “The criminal proceedings are instituted against all negligent parents”.