09 March 2011, Wednesday, 11:05

Ufa limonary presented its plant at the Russian Agricultural Academy

author: Galya Nabieva

The employees of Ufa limonary have taken part in the all-Russian scientific seminar “Room gardening and habitat’s improvement”. This prestigious forum for landscape designers has been held by the Russian Agricultural Academy and the leading institutes of the country shared their novelties in sphere of greening of apartments, offices and cottages and employees of the Ufa limonary presented their achievements too.

They’ve held the presentation of the plants, cultivated by the limonary, creating a furor in the scientific circles because nobody at the Academy suspected that not just traditional Tashkent lemon sorts but even citrons were cultivated in Ufa.

Along with the citrus plants the employees of the limonary presented other plants – Arabian coffee, laurel, fig, guava, banana and feijoa. All these plants are cultivated by Ufa selectionists for many years, giving rather good for our climatic zone harvests.