03 March 2011, Thursday, 16:44

A “party swimming-pool” for students of Bashkir State Pedagogical University will be put into exploitation by the Republic Day

author: Elmira Sabirova

The Bashkir State Pedagogical University by Miftahetdin Akmullah became one of the Russian institutes, where the realization of the “United Russia” project “500 swimming-pools” already started. The University is considered one of the leading pedagogical institutions of the country, training coaches and pedagogues of physical culture, and this fact played far from the last role in the party’s decision to include the University into this federal goal-oriented program. The swimming-pool will be put into operation in October by the Republic Day. The new five-storied building will be erected in the micro-district “Uzny” and the rector of the University Rail Asadullin says there will be two swimming-pools there – the adult and the infant one plus five sport halls, ski bases, classes and the parking.

The construction will be executed at the expense of co-funding from different budgets – the federal, the regional and the University’s ones.