02 March 2011, Wednesday, 16:18

“Motherhood Glory” is the best gift for the Woman’s Day

author: Alfia Agliullina

The ceremony of presentation of the medals “Motherhood Glory” has taken place in Ufa. On the eve of the International Woman’s Day 72 women, having five and more children, were rewarded with the medals “Motherhood Glory”, presented by the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov.

“Friendly and large family is the base of a solid state, so any state should encourage and support the families with many kids” – Fidus Yamaltdinov is certain.

Bashkortostan renders such assistance in deed. Since 1998 our Republic restored the tradition of honoring the mother with many children. In particular, the women, rearing five and more children, are rewarded with the medals “Motherhood Glory” and with the accompanying cash benefit at the rate about ten thousand rubles. There are more than five thousand such women in Bashkiria now. The Government RB also fixed several benefits for this category of families: monthly grants, free housing and communal services, free trip, free catering and school uniforms for kids. 23 thousand families have already used these benefits for the sum of more than 230 million rubles. Besides, for the last five years 48 families with many children have received housing certificates and the budget allocated more than 100 million rubles for these purposes.