21 February 2011, Monday, 16:39

The name of Farida Kudasheva will be perpetuated

author: Michael Sytin

The name of the honorable artist of Russian Federation, national actress of Bashkortostan and Tatarstan Farida Kudasheva will be perpetuated.

Fr om now the international Bashkir and Tatar song festival “DUSLYK MONO” and one of new streets of Ufa will be named after her. Besides, the memorial tablet with her bas-relief will be mounted on the house in the October Revolution Street, wh ere she lived.

Solemn evening party in the memory of Farida Kudasheva’s 90th birthday will take place at the Bashkir State Theater of opera and ballet and the state audio- and video-archive of the materials, concerned with her life and creation, is planned to be compiled in 2012. The archive will become a part of the series “The Golden Fund” and its materials will be included into the future documentary film about Farida Kudasheva.

The Museum by Farida Kudasheva will be opened in the village KLYASHEVO and one of the streets in the settlement of CHISHMY will also be called in the honor of the famous actress and singer.

themes: memory