21 February 2011, Monday, 13:51

Exhibition “In the Name of Russia” is held at National Library RB

author: Rufina Khannanova

The exhibition “In the Name of Russia”, dated to the Defender of the Motherland Day, is held in the universal reading hall of the National Library RB by Akhmet-Zaki Validi. The exhibition demonstrates about r70 editions and historical books and documents form the main share of the exposition – short stories, essays and chronicles about officers, frontier guards, pilots and infantry troops as well as about the remarkable battles of the Second World War. The visitors may get to know the history of the legendary commanders Sergey Kamenev, Michael Tukhatchevsky, Ivan Konev and Paul Rotmistrov. These people have made the invaluable endowment to activity of the Russian Armed Forces. The books about the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya are demonstrated here too.