17 February 2011, Thursday, 11:46

The commission for state-religious relations to be established in Ufa

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The commission for state-religious relations will be established in Ufa, as the chairman of the Council for state-interreligious relations under the President RB Vyacheslaw Pyatkov reported at the trans-Ural Muslim Youth Forum.

“Today we are working over establishment of the commission for state-religious relations and the representatives of the traditional religions, power structures and scientists will be included into its staff. The commission is called to help the state to build proper relations with the religious organizations” – he said. In opinion of the official in this case young people will be less prone to the influence of various pseudo-religious views.

“The state isn’t indifferent to its citizens and I can’t agree that the religion is separated from the state in our country because religion is the most important constituent of the society. The leadership of the country understands it quite well and pays great attention to religion”.

Similar commissions already work in some Russian regions, in particular in Tatarstan and Karelia.

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