15 February 2011, Tuesday, 16:21

Commodity turnover between Bashkiria and Saratov region went up two times for the last five years

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The commodity circulation between Bashkiria and Saratov region went up two times for the last five years, the Governor of Saratov region Paul Ipatov reported on Tuesday during his official visit to Ufa.

“In 2009 the commodity circulation between our regions was equal to 3,8 billion rubles” – he said – “We don’t yet posses the exact information for 2010 and it is expected the sum will be within the limits of 4,5-4,6 billion rubles”.

At the same time in spite of such progress in economics Paul Ipatov estimates the present state of things as rather unsatisfactory and the rates of the commodity circulation growth might have been higher in his opinion”.

“The potential of our interregional cooperation isn’t yet disclosed in full measure” – the Governor said – “The economic crisis has hampered the development of our relations to some extent. But it is already over. I believe in the course of the nearest three years we have real chances to increase the commodity turnover between Bashkiria and Saratov region two times more, thereby reaching 8-9 billion rubles annually”.

Saratov region buys more goods in our Republic than exports. At that POL (mainly diesel fuel and benzenes) make up more than a half of the goods, exported by Bashkiria to Saratov region. Besides Saratov region buys soda in our region and beer at approximately 500 million rubles every year because the region doesn’t possess its own breweries. Saratov region in its turn supplies Bashkiria with cement, glass, foods and machine-building products.