14 February 2011, Monday, 10:19

Average secondary housing prices in Ufa remain stable

author: Rasul Hamidullin

For the last week the average secondary housing offer price in Ufa remained the same. At present time it is equal to 46,32 thousand rubles. In the segment of two- and three-room flats the prices went up by 0,1%. At the same time the one- and multi-room flats became cheaper by 0,1 and 0,2% correspondingly.

According to information of the realty agencies network “The Expert” the cheapest three-room 45-square-meter flat in Ufa is offered at 800 thousand rubles. The most expensive 4-roum, 175-square-meter flat in the center of the city is offered at 16,5 million rubles. The most out-of-town 450-suare-meter cottage, displayed for sale, costs 20 million rubles.

themes: realty, prices