10 February 2011, Thursday, 18:49

Government RB to determine the strategy in development of Bashkir trans-Ural zone

author: Svetlana Gafurova

The widened gathering of the Government RB, where the medium-term complex program for development of Bashkir trans-Ural zone is to be considered, will take place on Monday, February 14, in the Congress-Hall, Ufa.

The program was discussed in details on the blog “Bashkir trans-Ural” during several months and these debates were moderated by the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Ilshat Tajitdinov. Many incoming proposals, including social sphere, were registered on the blog and in this connection Ilshat Tajitdonov stated:

“Please, remember that this plan is economically oriented first of all. The basic social infrastructure is present in the zone, though it looks rather scanty. Nonetheless it is more important to start developing local economic there and this is the aim of paramount importance”.

Islhat Tajitdinov outlined the economic challenges, which have to be overcome in the zone first of all:

“First, this is an active support of the private auxiliary farmings because this region faces serious problems with sales of their agricultural products now. Consumer co-operation doesn’t work. We have to establish the structures, which would be mainly oriented to support of these farmings (crediting, subsidizing, marketing investigations, technological processes etc) and which would provide interaction of these farmings with trade organizations, banks, local self-government bodies and agricultural enterprises” – the Prime-Minister said and welcomed all bloggers to discussion of this problem.