09 February 2011, Wednesday, 18:57

An average bribe in Bashkiria makes up 33 thousand rubles

author: Olga Murtazina

The largest share in the corruption “pie” belongs to health protection sphere – 34%. The share of the authority is 33,2%, education – 13,7%, social sphere – 8% and agriculture – 5%. Same picture can be observed in bribery sphere: health protection – 36%, authority – 33,5%, education – 22% and social services – 3,8%.

This data was ventilated by the head of the dept for struggle with economic crimes under the Ministry of internal affairs in RB Uri Chernitsev. He didn’t call the spheres of lesser importance.

“2010 was characterized by the steady growth of corruption violations” — he reported – “1259 malfeasances have been registered and 420 facts of bribery have been documented in the Republic. 939 corruption criminal cases and 387 bribery ones are completed and sent to he courts” – Uri Chernitsev announced.