08 February 2011, Tuesday, 14:30

Ufa returns to pre-crisis volumes in production of trolley-buses

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Ufa gradually returns to the pre-crisis volumes in production of trolley-buses. In 2010 the “Bashkir trolley-bus plant” has produced 119 trolley-buses – by 26 machines more than in 2009, the head of Ufa administration industry dept Alexander Zarubin reported on Tuesday.

Before the crisis the plant produced 125 trolley-buses every year on average and such volumes were considered quite normal.

The “Bashkir trolley-bus plant” produces four models of trolley-buses and every model has three modifications. The low-floor machines are especially popular and Ufa trolley-buses are exploited in more than 50 Russian regions and CIS countries.