04 February 2011, Friday, 14:14

Robert Vagapov: “We have to form incentives to energy saving”

author: Rasul Hamidullin

Some promising designs in energy saving sphere can’t find their consumers, the Minister of industry and innovational policy RB Robert Vagapov said at the last meeting of the Council for scientific-technical and innovational policy under the Government RB. According to the Minister the formation of internal incentives to energy saving remains the key aim of the branch.

“At present time we have to try and convince people of the necessity of energy saving” – he stated – “And along with development of traditional power engineering we have to pay enough attention to innovational problems. The rise of power engineering efficiency, inculcation of small energy units and the use of new sorts of fuel are becoming our main problems”.

The Minister mentioned the problem of energy saving was closely concerned with the rational nature management and here the reserves of the use of pyrolisis furnaces, working on the low-quality timber fuel, were quite substantial.

Robert Vagapov believes that it is necessary to establish the business-oriented high-tech centers for provision of scientific-production services and open the financial backing for development of investigations in sphere of power engineering and energy saving.