03 February 2011, Thursday, 20:19

Infant death rate in Bashkiria is lower than in Russia on average

author: Alfia Agliullina

In 2010 the index of infant death rate made up 6,9 ppm per 1000 babies, born alive. This is lower than in Russia on average (7,5 ppm) but higher than the average statistical showings in Volga federal district (6,8 ppm), the deputy Minister of health protection RB Ralida Shakirova reported on February 3 at the meeting with the deputies heads of municipal administrations RB, held in the Government RB under the chairmanship of the deputy Prime-Minister of the Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov.

Ralida Shakirova said: “The showings of 2010 are slightly higher than the same indices in 2009. In spite of the undertaken measures 395 babies at the age of less than one year have died in 2010 – eight babies more than in 2009. The highest rate of infant death rate is registered in Kiginsky region RB (20,1 ppm) and in the town of Mejgorie (19,6). No cases of infant death have been registered in Fedorovsky, Bijbuliaksky and Zilairsky regions of Bashkiria”.

Blood diseases and congenital anomalies are the most frequently met reasons of infant death.