03 February 2011, Thursday, 14:35

An Islamic academy to be established in Bashkiria

author: Marina Shumilova

“The situation with sending an aircraft to Egypt to take our students from this country back shows that we have to widen the opportunities for studying Islam here, in the Republic” – the deputy head of the Presidential administration RB Abbas Gallyamov said on February 3 at the press-conference in the news agency “Bashinform”.

The majority of the students delivered from Egypt today, study at the International Islamic University “Al-Azkhar”. This University is very popular among young people, striving for deep knowledge of Islam. Wide popularity of education abroad is also explained by the shortage of highly qualified pedagogues in this sphere in Russia. Nonetheless the Bashkir authorities jointly with the Clerical Muslim Dept RB intend to open an Islamic academy in Bashkiria and foreign specialists will be invited for work at this academy.

“Thereby we will offer a full-fledged alternative to the foreign Islamic institutes, organizing the study of Koran on the highest level” – Abbas Gallyamov said.