31 January 2011, Monday, 15:41

Bashkir institute of social technologies has become an experimental FIRO site

author: Rufina Khannanova

The Bashkir Institute of social technologies is approved as an experimental site of the Federal Institute for education development (FIRO). This decision was reached after the meeting of FIRO workgroup, where the Institute of social technologies presented its project “Socio-cultural modernization of educational and information-communicational space in Republic of Bashkortostan” in the video-conference mode. The project is developed within the frames of the federal goal-oriented program for education development in 2011-2015.

“Inculcation of new information services, education systems and technologies and electronic educational resources of a new generation into the education sphere of Bashkiria will become the key direction in activity of the site” – the secretary of the Institute’s academic council Rachel Veldts reported.

Realization of the project is meant for three years and the doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor, FIRO senior specialist Alexander Uvarov will patronize the work of the experimental site.

themes: Education