28 January 2011, Friday, 17:19

Irene Akhmadullina opened exhibition of illustrations

author: Rufina Khannanova

The exhibition of illustrations by Irene Akhmadullina is held at the Central city children’s library and the exposition presents the drawings for many children’s books and magazines.

Irene Akhmadullina is the painter-illustrator and painter-designer. She has finished the Republican art boarding school by Davletkildeev and worked as a stage designer at the Bashkir Dramatic Theater by Majit Gafuri.

Her drawings decorate the children’s magazine “Akbuzat” and she makes illustrations for many books of various Bashkir authors. Irene Akhmadullina has designed the company style for the Central children’s library’ site and her works were many times rewarded at various international exhibitions.