28 January 2011, Friday, 14:59

The most demanded specialists in Ufa

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The employees in sphere of sales, profiled technical specialists, general managers and marketing specialists are in the shortest supply in Ufa. According to investigation of the manpower holding “ANKOR” the demand in sales managers and trade delegates in Ufa is 57% and this is two times higher than in the whole Volga region.

Besides, Ufa faces the shortage of mechanicians, chief engineers and technical specialists with the knowledge of English. The demand in general managers and marketing specialists is also very high and their shortage is 29%.

Ufa as well as the whole Volga region needs programmers, metalworkers, electro-gas welders and warehouse workers. The manpower holding also indicates to the shortage of bookkeepers and risk specialists in the region.