25 January 2011, Tuesday, 10:21

Bashkir Muslims blame Domodedovo bombers

author: Timur Rakhmatullin

The chairman of the Clerical Muslim Debt RB, Mufti Nurmukhamet Nigmatullin blamed the organizers of the act of terror at “Domodedovo” on behalf of all Muslims.

“All Muslims of the Republic deeply grieve over the victims at the international airport in Moscow” – the mufti said – “We present our condolences to all relatives of the victims. Islam is a religion of peace and agreement and it blames terror. The acts, committed against innocent people, can’t have any excuses and this is a real blasphemy. We pray the Almighty to avoid such acts of terror both in our country and the whole world in the future and ask Allah that the criminals, who committed this crime, would repent. We sincerely express hope the peace and prosperity will come to Russia at last”.