24 January 2011, Monday, 22:28

Ufa airport goes on receiving aircrafts from Domodedovo

author: Galya Nabieva

Because of the explosion in “Domodedovo” the Ufa airport announced special mode. The airport goes on receiving the flights from Moscow “Domodedovo” and as the airport’s directory-inquiry service reports, now they are waiting for the arrival of the flight N97 of the air company “Siberia”. One more flight to “Domodedovo” of the same company has to leave Ufa at 22.45.

The explosion has occurred in “Domodedovo” today. According to the preliminary version this is an act of terror and there are both the deceased and the wounded.

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered to announce special mode in all airports and at the railway stations, the news agency ITAR-TASS reports.

According to information of the Ministry of health protection and social development 31 people died and other 130 heavily suffered (35 victims according to RIA “NOVOSTI”). 20 people are found in grave condition.