24 January 2011, Monday, 15:00

Eight people, suffered from the fire in the trade center “Europe”, still staying at hospitals

author: Alfia Agliullina

Eight people, suffered from the fire, which has occurred in the Ufa trade-entertaining center “Europe” on Saturday, are still found at local hospitals and six of them receive the necessary medical care at the city clinical hospital N21 and other two – at the clinical hospital N18 also in Ufa.

Five people were hospitalized with carbon dioxide poisoning. One more patient was delivered for the hospital N21 with spine fracture and head soft tissue bruise. The patients with bruises and second-degree burns were taken to the hospital N18. The treatment of all of them is found under personal control of the Minister of health protection RB George Shebaev, the press-service of the Ministry of health protection RB reports.

2 people reported dead as a result of the Saturday fire in the trade-entertaining center “Europe”. Other four people with light damages received out-of-patient treatment.

themes: fires, accidents