20 January 2011, Thursday, 10:00

JSC “NEFAZ” will spend 200 million rubles for realization of investment projects

author: Lubov Kolokolova

JSC “NEFAZ” intends to spend 200 million rubles for realization of its investment projects in 2011. According to the business-plan reconstruction of the oil-filling line will become one of the most important projects of the year. The line of tank welding will be equipped with the units for automatic welding of external and internal girth joints. The leading German companies: GRIMM SCHWEISSTECHNIK, DEUMA and CLOOS are taking part in the project and at present time the contracts are worked up in details jointly with the European companies.

One more investment project of “NEFAZ” is concerned with the production of tilt-up lorries. Two spray-finishing robots will be installed in the plant’s paintwork center and Japanese concern FANUC and the leading producers of paintwork equipment from Switzerland GUDEL and from Germany WAGNER are taking part in development of this project.

One more laser center for non-metal cutting of the German company LANG LASER will be introduced to the bus production.