18 January 2011, Tuesday, 18:28

UNO announced 2011 the International Year of chemistry

author: Rufina Khannanova

In accordance with the initiative of the International Union of theoretical and applied chemistry, supported by UNESCO, the United Nations Organization announced 2011 the International Year of chemistry. The slogan of the year “Chemistry is our life and out future” underscores the most important role of this science in development of the mankind.

One week before the beginning of the Year of chemistry the meeting, called “Women-chemists meet the International Year of chemistry”, has taken place in the Academy of science RB and the women, devoting their lives to chemistry, were discussing their role in science.

“Today, January18, it is 100 years since rewarding Marie Curie with the Nobel chemistry prize for discovery and investigation of radium and polonium” – the Professor, Academician Ildus Abdrakhmanov says – “Women in science and the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize have become one of the main themes of the action”.

themes: science