18 January 2011, Tuesday, 15:14

Kuybyshev railroad has transferred more than 4,7 billion rubles of taxes in 2010

author: Lubov Kolokolova

In 2010 the sum of taxes, transferred by Kuybyshev railroad to the local and regional budgets of ten Russian regions, has exceeded 4,7 billion rubles – by 10% more than in 2009. The growth of tax deductions in republics of Bashkortostan and Mordvinia, in Penza and Ulyanovsk regions was about 15% and in Samara region – 5,7%, the press-service of Kuybyshev railroad reports.

Kuybyshev railroad is considered the biggest tax-payer in the regions of its presence, transferring taxes timely in accordance with the Russian legislation and in full volume.