18 January 2011, Tuesday, 11:22

Charity concert for children with disabilities to be held at the City Culture Palace

author: Alfia Agliullina

The charity concert for the families, raising the children with disabilities, will be held at the Ufa Culture Palace on January 23. Children with Down syndrome, with affection of the central nervous system, with hearing and vision impairment and the pupils of Ufa correctional schools are welcomed. The program is organized by the public organization “Bashkir Association of children with disabilities” (BARDI) jointly with local volunteers, Ufa administration reports.

The public organization “BARDI” was established in 1992 for rendering social and social-legal aid to the families, having the children with disabilities. At present time 200 such children visit the association and the chairman of “BARDI” Gennady Suleimanov actively attracts sponsors to the problems of children with disabilities, closely cooperating with other similar organizations.

themes: charity