17 January 2011, Monday, 15:08

The first e-publishing house appeared in Ufa

author: Svetlana Gafurova

Beginning fr om January 1 the Ufa publishing house “Vagant”, earlier working only in paper mode, launched its new project — the electronic publishing-house.

The publishing house “Vagant” is rather young, was opened in January 2004 and originally specialized itself in production of scientific literature and manuals but in 2008 it started issuing the book novelties.

On January 15, last Saturday, the director of the publishing house Salavat Vakhitov has held the presentation of the first in the Republic electronic government at the Ufa Art Gallery “X-Max”. In opinion of the director production of the e-books for reading from PC, book-readers and other gadgets is a new promising direction in the publishing activity. It is quite clear the electronic publishing house contributes to popularization of books and their authors and to availability of the books anywhere, wh ere the internet access is present.

“We support the copyright, provide the books with the international ISBN names and register them in the Book Chamber” – Salavat Vakhitov said.

The electronic publishing house gives the chance to authors to publish their books free. Moreover, the author can receive royalties for every downloaded copy of his book. The site publishes not only fiction, but poems, science-fiction and manuals too.