17 January 2011, Monday, 12:22

Book exhibition is opened by the 100th anniversary of Salam Galimov

author: Rufina Khannanova

The book exhibition, devoted to the jubilee date of the famous Bashkir poet Salam Galimov, started working at the National Library by Achmet-Zaki Validi today. The famous poet and publicist would have celebrated his 100th anniversary on January 18.

“The exhibition consists of 50 books about life and creation of the poet and his collections, including such books as “Red Bouquet” (1958), “Monument” (1941) and “Selected Lyrics (1968)” – the librarian Aigul Burangulova tells.

Salam Galimov was an innovator in the genre of poem. His epic poems “Falcon”, “Child” and “Life” are characterized by formation of new human relations, strengthening of the role of auxiliary images and poetic details. The poetic searches of Salam Galimov formed new stylized trend in the Bashkir poetic epos.