30 December 2010, Thursday, 16:07

Turkish businessmen are ready to invest Bashkir economics

author: Alim Faizov

Presentation of Bashkir investment projects, organized by the representative office RB in Turkey jointly with the Industrial Chamber of Denizli, uniting 1100 companies, has taken place in one of the industrially well-developed regions of Turkey – in the vilayet of Denizli. As the head of the representative office RB in Turkey Kanshaubiy Miziev reported to the news agency “Bashinform”, the meetings with the members of the Industrial Chamber, producers and employers of the Union of Employers and Businessmen “BABADAG” (uniting more than 200 companies) and with the leadership of the industrial zone (park) “DENIZLI” have taken place there.

Denizli is considered one of the leading regions of Turkey in textile industry and stands on the first place in manufacturing of terry-loop goods. Production of plywood, cable production and marble mining and cutting are also well-developed.

The film about Bashkortostan was demonstrated during the presentation. The representative RB in Turkey Kanshaubiy Miziev told about Republican economics and about new challenges the producers and business people RB faced due to the changes in the leadership of the region and urged Turkish business circles to start investing Republican economics and developing active trade with Bashkortostan.

The vilayet governor Yavuz Erkmen, the chairman of Denizli Industrial Chamber Mujdat Kechedji and the chairman of the Union of Producers and Businessmen “BABADAG” Hussein Memishoglu have taken part in the meetings.